a different way to say
Nordia Capital.

a different way to say
Nordia Capital .

a different way to say
Nordia Capital .

Nordia Capital is a financial advisory and wealth management firm. Our team specializes in the study of the financial markets and the opportunities that exist within them to offer our customers the best wealth management and financial advice. Browse our services. Which one best suits your needs?

Nordia Capital

Nordia Capital's philosophy is inspired by the star that remains fixed in the sky: the North Star. For millennia, the North Star has been used as a reference point to move from one side of the planet to the other. Its stability has served as a guide for all sailors, even in the most difficult conditions.

Nordia Capital was born then with a clear mission: to focus its services in the Client, expanding its products to be the best Multi Family Office in the country and the region.


In the same way we project our identity, Nordia Capital accompanies its Clients in promoting their growth with a personalized treatment, characteristic of our Swiss heritage. This closeness and transparency, accompanied by the agility of a team of professionals with a global vision, make Nordia Capital the right advisory firm to manage your family assets.



We know that each family is its own world. The experience Nordia Capital has managing family matters allows the team to solve them in a tailored manner. Therefore, we align our financial solutions to serve specific needs according to the client requirements.

Wealth Management

The yields of our investment models at Nordia Capital are characterized by their efficiency. They are adjusted to the risk of each individual. Having access to several counterparties in United States, Europe and Latin America, Nordia Capital is capable of managing, wholistically, our client’s assets in the bank of their preference.

Tailor-Made Solutions

For clients requiring specialized structures, we create tailor-made solutions to suit those special needs. We specialize in the formation of trusts, private interest foundations, and other forms of family wealth structures. This is the advantage of having a wide range of solutions in one firm.

Investment Banking

Nordia’s team has a vast experience in the financial sector. This knowledge enables us to constantly provide solutions in transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, and debt restructuring.